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Ford unveils automated Fusion Hybrid Research Vehicle (VIDEO)

Ford has unveiled the Fusion Hybrid Automated Research Vehicle, that is jointly developed with State Farm and the University of Michigan.

The automated Ford Fusion Hybrid research vehicle will be used to make progress on future automated driving and other advanced technologies.

The Fusion Hybrid automated vehicle will test current and future sensing systems and driver-assist technologies that can be applied to the company’s next generation of vehicles.

“The Ford Fusion Hybrid automated vehicle represents a vital step toward our vision for the future of mobility,” said Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford. “We see a future of connected cars that communicate with each other and the world around them to make driving safer, ease traffic congestion and sustain the environment. By doing this, Ford is set to have an even greater impact in our next 100 years than we did in our first 100.”

Today’s Ford vehicles already have technology that enables them to park themselves, understand a driver’s voice commands, detect dangerous driving situations and assist with emergency braking.

New technologies will offer automated driving and also improve driver safety and manage issues such as traffic congestion and global gridlock.

The research vehicle uses four LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) sensors that scan the road 2.5 million times per second and bounce infrared light off everything within 200 feet (61 meters) to generate a 3D map of the surrounding environment, guiding the vehicle to it doesn’t hit anything on the road.

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