Infiniti Q60 concept pictures released

The car will make its debut the next week. Some additional photos of Q60 concept were released yesterday by Infiniti. More

Long-awaited 2016 Acura NSX revealed at NAIAS

Public was waiting this to happen for a very long time and yesterday NSX by Acura was finally released. More

Info and images on 2016 Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang from Detroit

During the development of 2016 Shelby GT350R, Ford had strived to make the car lighter, and we can say that this task was completed successfully. More


GMC considers a rival for Jeep Wrangler

gmc-canyon-nightfall-3The lineup of GMC could be complemented with a real rival for Jeep Wrangler.

According to media reports, General Motors are planning to develop a competitor car for a particular model, which is Jeep Wrangler. GM plans to produce its own off-road SUV to make a competition in the market tougher.

New Ford Fiesta announced

ford-fiesta-rsHowever, the works have just begun and will take 2.5 years more.

The US automaker Ford announced that it is going to produce a new version of Ford Fiesta that could be even more powerful than the ST model.

Recently two divisions, Ford Team RS and Ford Racing, were incorporated. After this, it was reported that the automaker will launch 12 new models up to 2020.

Ferrari 458 M spied during testing

ferreri-458mThe debut is expected at the Geneva Auto Show.

Two copies of Ferrari 458 M were caught on camera during having tests ahead of their debut in Geneva. The black one copy had much camo on its surface, so it is not so easy to say what its peculiar features are. Meanwhile, the yellow one car looked clearer, having an absolutely new front bumper and revised headlamps.

2016 Honda Pilot spy images revealed

2016-pilot-1The previous generation of Honda Pilot used to have a blocky look, while the current seems to be more curvaceous.
Recently, several spy photos of the new 2016 model were made; they depict both interior and exterior looks of the auto.

The changes to the exterior design of the car strike eyes first of all. While the previous generation had rugged and aggressive look, the current one looks less rugged and softer.

Mr. Bean wants to sell his supercar for $12 Million

Rowan-Atkinson-McLaren-1A British comic Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean, has decided to sell his McLaren F1 hypercar for £8 Million.

Atkinson bought this car in 1997 for £640K, and now the car’s mileage equals to 41,000 miles (65,970 km). Besides, Atkinson had two accidents in a time of his ownership.

The first accident occurred in 2009, when Mr. Bean had hit the back of a Rover Metro car and crashed the front of his supercar, which resulted in the repairing that worth more than £100K.

Mitsubishi lifted the veil over its new CUV concept

mitsubishi-teaser-genevaThe Geneva Motor Show is coming in March, and Mitsubishi disclosed some details on its new crossover concept that will be finally unveiled at this show.

The main feature of the new concept is a new design of the car. It is believed that this design will be peculiar for all the upcoming sports utility vehicles and crossovers by Mitsubishi. What we can see on the photos is that the automaker strives to continue the current auto trend of creating cars that look like coupes and have a tapered rear back.

Why did EU banned new Russian Lada autos?

Lada-Taiga-1According to officials, the EU can’t register autos produced by the automaker from Tolyatti because of the lack of a single option.

European Union suspended the sales of new Lada cars in member-states because of the new recent regulations on vehicles.

Since 1 November 2014, to be registered in the EU all the new autos must be completed with a tire pressure sensor. None of the currently represented models produced by AvtoVAZ (Lada Kalina, Lada Granta, Lada Taiga 4×4) have this electronic part.

What will be the upcoming Russian innovative CUV and SUV Lada?

Lada-XRAY-1It was revealed what would be the difference between conventional XRAY and XRAY Cross version produced by the Russian automaker.

It is well-known that AvtoVAZ plans to release two new cars in the nearest time: the XRAY CUV, which could be regarded as a hatchback-type CUV, and XRAY Cross, which could be regarded as a SUV. However, many people were still curious what would the difference between two cars. Oleg Grunenkov, head of XRAY project, explained the difference.  

Exclusive Zonda 760 Roadster released by Pagani

zondaPreviously the automaker did not intend to produce this car, but then circumstances changed.

This time Pagani presented its new Zonda 760 Roadster that has a manual transmission. Some time ago Pagani planned not to continue its Zonda series, but the high demand for their supercars made them change their mind. The previous one Zonda released was called Revolucion and was unveiled in the middle of 2013. It was very successful, and now we can see that the automaker decided to continue the series with its Zonda 760 Roadster.

F12 Berlinetta Tour de France 64 by Ferrari presented

ferrari-f12berlinetta-tour-de-franceWhile owning a conventional F12 seems special enough, the maker of exotic cars from Italy had decided to produce one more and presented it in Brussels recently.

This model, Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Tour de France 64, was developed by the Tailor Made division of the company. The design developed for the car appears to be a tribute for the awarding-winning 250 GTO, driven by Lucien Bianchi and Georges Berger who had won Tour de France Automobile back in 1964. The differences from that car are its painting and some changes of the interior.

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